Opportunities to Complete the Dream for Lutheranch

Even with all the success of the capital campaigns for Lutheranch, there are still many needs and opportunities to further strengthen and grow the ministry.

  • Remodel the barn apartment to provide additional staff housing – $10,000
  • New work tractor with mower and backhoe – $35,000
  • Landscaping for McKanna-Sandrock Retreat Center – $25,000
  • Marketing and program start-up costs – $100,000
  • Guest room (one remaining) – $30,000
  • Stairwell – $15,000

If you would like more information on how you can help with one of these projects contact Keith Trout, Co-Development Director at 864-313-1453 or ktrout@novusway.com

Luther Springs
NovusWay manages a family of locations for Camps, Conferences and Retreat Rentals and is supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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