Volunteer Information

The recently completed McKanna-Sandrock Retreat Center at Lutheranch is a world class facility and the response from guests has been outstanding. At the same time, Lutheranch is operating with a skeleton staff and volunteer assistance is needed to support staff in providing excellent service to guests.

Check In/Front Desk (typically Friday evening)
• Greet guests and give out room keys
• Ask guests to sign waiver forms
• Direct guests to their rooms and identify other areas of the retreat center (meeting rooms, etc.)
• Answer questions as able or contact Shane Dathe for assistance (561-847-5613)
• Respond to guest needs by providing supplies from the first aid kits (headache, band aids, etc.) or providing additional towels, detergent, and toiletry items

• Brew coffee by 7:00 am for guests. Food service personnel will arrive around 7:45 am
• Provide coffee, creamer, sweeteners and cups in meeting rooms, along with ice water and cups
• Provide snacks such as fruit and granola bars in meeting rooms
• Assist in setting up for the evening reception when requested/contracted by a group.

• Keep the St. Timothy Great Room clean by sweeping the floor after meals (food service is responsible for busing dishes and tables)
• Pick up trash and other items left behind by guests
• Swiffer the entrance area to remove footprints and debris

Closing the Retreat Center (typically Sunday)
• Assist the Site Manager in closing the retreat center after guest groups leave by setting the temp to 78 in the summer and 62 in the winter
• Insure all doors and windows are closed and locked

Thank you for your invaluable service to the growth and development of Lutheranch. Volunteer hosts will be a guest, including meals, during your service at Lutheranch. Whether you choose to volunteer for a day or the entire weekend the personal touch you provide is appreciated and is crucial to providing premiere service to our guests.

Lutheranch would like to thank you for your consideration in being a host.

Please contact Retreat Rentals at 828-243-8762 or Shane Dathe Site Manager at 561-847-5613 to become a Lutheranch Volunteer.

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